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"Utilizing Greywood Photography for my product photography has directly affected my sales in a significant way, and the feedback from my customer base has been singularly positive."
Matt Pankratz

It’s true, and it’s easy!
A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to e-commerce it can be worth even more. If your customers can’t SEE what you’re selling, they’ll be less comfortable BUYING what you’re selling. Let us help make your products look their best, and become the stars of your Amazon, Etsy, or other e-commerce page.

Wonderful, quality work from a wonderful craftsman. This product looks exactly as pictured, with the colors as vivid as pictured. This will be a perfect addition to our kitchen.
Customer of The Lazy Carpenter

Regardless of your platform or sales channel, a stunning product shot from Greywood Photography can help you grab and hold the attention you need. Many of the beautiful products you’ll see on this website were the result of meticulously composed 1-2 day projects.  Others, like the custom wooden products you see here, were done in more cost-effective means, delivering great results at a price point consistent with the product being sold. I’m happy to custom fit a solution to best fit your desired look and your business’ needs. So, how can I help you?

Kelsey, with Models & Images
Kaira with Models & Images portrait
Julie, from Models & Images, fashion test