Tell me where you want to start

Any given look takes about 20-30 minutes to explore, then it takes 5-10 minutes to change the set up, maybe do a wardrobe change and get started again. Every look takes a couple shots to get tuned-in the way I want in camera. 

Most of the sessions shown on this site were done on the fly with me choosing background and lighting combinations, I'm happy to come up with something to suit you if you like! 


Go Light

Wrap yourself in light. We can take it from a shadow silhouette, to an over exposed glowing look where you could be mistaken for an angel. This can be a very graphic look if you want it to be with black shadows and white highlights. 

Kaira with Models & Images portrait

Go Dark

Emerge from the darkness. From black backgrounds, to sitting in my Vflat or just gridding my light to increase falloff, there’s many ways to make enveloping dark beautiful. 

Kaira with Models & Images portrait


A beautiful classic midtone grey that can have a natural vignette if you like. It can be lit flat for evenly distributed rich tones, or extremely dynamic with pure whites, midtones, and blacks. 

Kaira with Models & Images gels

VIVID Colors

Get a look like no one else. Shoot all colors or mix with white light and shadows for an endless variety of looks. 

These can take a little longer to “get tuned” than standard light sessions, but the payoff… 

Jade, with Models & Images

Custom Papers

I currently have a limited selection on hand, but there are a full spectrum of colors available, price varies by availability. I’m happy to discuss the possibilities with you, contact me to discuss!


You call the shots here. We can meet at any area park, Sedgwick County Park, Great Plains Nature Center, Cadillac Lake and Swanson Park all have awesome areas. Botanica is a long time local favorite for good reason, but there’s admission even when the blooms are further between. Also choose this for sessions at your home, yard, or place of worship. 

On Location

The lighting is determined somewhat by the conditions, but generally there's natural light which I can shoot but don't as much since getting a studio, flash & strobes. You get the most shots with natural light, but nicer looking ones with flash. With a strobe, we can get super dramatic outdoor shots, but they take more time to setup and execute. It's really what you want to end up with.  

See your images along the way in studio or on location

In my Ridgeport studio you’ll see the images sometimes as we shoot, then at the end we’ll review them on my color balanced display that will look as close to your print as a backlit image can. On location, you’ll see the shot once it’s set up, then I can send images from my camera to an app on my phone at the end to show a couple highlights.

Then, I’ll email you something like this a few days after our session. That email has the password listed and a link to the gallery. When I assemble galleries, I include any frames I wouldn’t be embarrassed by. I’ll also include the ones I don’t think are so great, because literally every single person likes different images best.  

By default, you gallery arrives password protected. If you’d rather unlock it for easier sharing just let me know. 

There’s controls where you can make images private, if you want to invite friends and family in for a look but maybe don’t want to share everything. You can also make notes that I can see, if you have any questions about a particular image. 

From there you can download the digital negatives all at once as a gallery in original and web resolutions. You can also order prints and wall art, and all prints are individually edited to size and processed by myself to ensure you get the highest quality products. 

Personalized gallery availability notice

Save 15% on your session

and get one FREE 8x12" Print

With any paid session, allow me permission to show a few of your images in my portfolios, and you'll save the money and get the FREE PRINT whether I use them or not! Choose any image from your session, free images are printed with my next submitted general order, or every two weeks. 

Offer only good with purchase of a photography session and discount may not be redeemed in cash.

Discount applied at checkout, after signing image release form. 

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